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As a professional 'loot man' you've been hired to obtain four priceless items hidden away in long forgotten secret tombs and dungeons.  The job wont be easy as the creatures that inhabit these places don't take kindly to interlopers,  you've only your trusty browning 1900 and a limited supply of flash grenades to defend yourself.  Do you have what it takes to complete the contract?


Loot Man is heavily inspired by the 1983 Parker brothers game 'Tutankham' for the Atari 2600.


Find the key & Exit the stage.  Complete all four stages to beat the game, optionally complete the game with all four lives and all bonus loot to achieve a perfect score.

Playing the game

You begin a new game with four lives and you wont find more so don't be reckless.

Throughout each of the stages you'll encounter creature nests, one of four creature types will spawn from these periodically, each type varies in speed but all will pursue so when you hear the sound be ready to run or fight.

You can only shoot your gun left and right but you have unlimited ammo.

In  a tight spot use a flash grenade to kill all creatures on screen, as supply is limited use them only when absolutely necessary.

Use the secret passageways to slip from one side to another, creatures will not follow you through passageways.

Each stage has six bonus treasures to find and collect, you'll need all the treasures to get a perfect score.

Find the exit at the bottom of each stage and open it with the key to reveal the item you were sent to acquire, it's then onto the next.


Movement: WASD, ZQSD, Arrow keys, JoyDPAD
Shoot: Space bar, JoyButton #1
Flash grenade: LSHIFT, RSHIFT, JoyButton #2

Game supports joypads, tested with generic USB SNES controller and Xbox 360. (Make sure joypad is plugged in prior to starting the game)

Other controls

Toggle full screen\windowed: F1
Quit game: ESC

Versions and updates

1.1 - fixed startup issue due to display resolution bug
1.0 - Initial release


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Wow, this looks truly amazing. I love Atari-2600-like games, hope you make more like these.