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The game is really funny but is very frustrated because of lack of the save option for example each 5 stages are completed, the music and art is really nice, I enjoy the game but because is really hard now I don't want to play it :(

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Thanks for all the positive comments.

@ Benal & Mike_c / I though I was being too generous with the hit boxes TBH, but I guess as the designer I know what they are and can account for them while playing, I'll see if I can make time to go back and adjust them ever so slightly.

@ mike_c / pressing down on menus - I'll see if that's a bug and fix it. Also yes music changes further into the game.

@ thevlasinator - it uses a virtual resolution so runs at your desktop resolution but it's all scaled up to look like it's running in 256x192 resolution.

BTW for those interested my game are made using BlitzMax ( ) which has recently gone free and open source.

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Oh. BlitzMax can't be downloaded at that URL. Perhaps the following URL is ok. (That is the NG version, not the classic version.),7.0.html


Nice! Solid use of a looping-screen mechanic. I also love that even though the game uses pixel art, the sprites move at native res, which always looks smoother.

Very cool game! I had a lot of fun with it. It's really hard, though. I couldn't get past Stage 6. >_< Maybe I'll play more later. :)


- excellent music (though I didn't see a way to change it. Maybe I have to get further in the game.)

- great, tight control

- clear, clean design. Very cool! :)


- I agree on the hitboxes being a little too big. Sometimes it feels like I barely graze an enemy and I die because of it.

- Maybe it's just me, but pressing down with the left analog stick in the 'Options' and 'Controls' menu doesn't so anything. Pressing up works, but not down. Only the D-Pad works for both up and down.

Overall, I really like it! I look forward to playing more. Cheers! :)

thanks Mike I'll look into the menu bug and if Io have time look into reducing the hitboxes just a wee bit.


I love the visuals and tight gameplay! I think the hitboxes could use some tweaking though, as they seem slightly unfair in some stages (like the stage with 5 pillars and bees going up and down beside them).

thanks for trying it out, others have mensioned hitboxes so I try and update soon with then adjusted a little bit.

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I couldn't keep up after a few levels but the movement feels great and the graphics are very nice!


Thanks for trying it out. Sadly i'll need to copyright claim your lets play :p j/k